-health is wealth-

reclaim it!

Are you tired of feeling LOST when it comes to natural wellness? Tired of trying a bunch of complicated, uncomfortable, or expensive things...just to be disappointed with the results?

What if I told DON'T need to be a walking encyclopedia of holistic medicine in order to solve 80% of your family's health challenges?

It's time to RECLAIM your POWER...
Starting with your family's health.

If the past year has taught us's that we now innerstand how unwise it is to blindly place our trust in the hands of so-called "experts".

We must become sovereign co-creators of our own health, vitality, and lives.

No one is coming to save us - which means...WE are the ones we've been waiting for!

<<I'm Krystal, and I'm looking for women who want to>>

+ Rediscover their vitality and joy
+ Become more emotionally resilient
+ Live a natural, yet abundant lifestyle
that supports our most daring dreams!

Get Wise about
Self-Directed Health Care

I want what you want - a holistic lifestyle that DOESN'T demand so much time and energy that we're caught in an endless loop of 'not enough'.

That's why I'm committed to RETHINKING the status quo and doing holistic living, MY way.

SELF-DIRECTED HEALTH CARE is the new paradigm embodied, and it includes...
💚 Upgraded Nutrition
💙 Body Movement
💜 Better Sleep & Rest
💛 Stress Solutions
💖 Removing Toxins

Let's connect, and I can show you how self-directed health care can help you reclaim your power and stay healthy (and sane, too!)

Why Essential Oils?

Pure essential oils can be used as potent natural tools for preserving true health!

(I used to think they were just nice scents in a bottle) They're MORE than that!

I've always been interested in the most natural and least invasive methods for our health.

Three of my five children have never needed antibiotics, ever!

When I was using generic brands of essential oils, they pretty much WERE just smelly-goods.

However, I learned that there's a world of difference between other brands of essential oils...and dōTERRA.

These little brown bottles are game-changers,
and they belong in every home.

Modern chemistry
+ ancient wisdom

Pure, natural essential oils impact all of our body's systems biochemically, even if we don't sniff them!

They're EASY and SAFE to use, and at just pennies per dose, they're really COST-CONSCIOUS too!

Best of all? You don't have to "believe in oils" in order for them to WORK. New scientific research is coming out every month in support of these powerful plant compounds.

Why are oils such a controversial topic?

it's not just because they smell nice...

💚 The odds are seriously stacked against us when it comes to taking charge of our own health in modern society.
💜 These oils and products have significantly impacted our lives--and I know what a huge difference 'just a drop' can make.
💙 I care deeply about sustainability and ethics...yet nearly every other "product company" out there, DOESN'T.
🧡 I know you wanna 'live healthfully', but it's a challenge to grow your own food, make your own medicine, research every-single-thing and actually raise kids + generate income too.
💛 I know you want more out of life--just like I do--and maybe you're finally ready to demand MORE.

We weren't born just to pay bills and do what we're told, wagging our tails obediently for the scraps of vacation and meager raises we're tossed every few years.

There's a better way to Do Life--and dōTERRA can help with that.

Why dōTERRA?

Well, for a long answer to that can start by reading why I picked dōTERRA...

It took me a long time to trust dōTERRA as a company...but here's what I found out:

+ dōTERRA believes that health care begins from within.
+ dōTERRA uses sustainable harvesting practices that are better for small farmers AND the plants they grow.
+ dōTERRA invests heavily in healing the environment and supports eco-cosncious and humanitarian efforts.

Finally - dōTERRA utilizes 3rd party testing for EVERY single bottle of essential oil they produce!

"Wait...Who are you, anyway?"

I’m Krystal! Multipassionate mama, freethinker - and your guide to improved wellness and vitality as you explore pure essential oils.

I think holistic living should inspire JOY! If trying to stay healthy is making you miserable...aren't you kind of missing the point?

My husband and I have five unschooled kids from ages 21 to 9. I’m a native-Texan hippie who loves crystals, plants, and tech. I like to write, so if you want the longer story of me, click here and be sure to subscribe to my blog, too.

are you tired of being sick + tired?

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You'll learn simple ways to:

+ Increase your vitality
+ Gain extra energy
+ Support your family's immunity
+ Get targeted tips for specific challenges
+ Enjoy better sleep
+ Release stress & anxiety
...and let go of habits that no longer serve you.

Learn how you can use essential oils to upgrade and transform your family's vitality, inside and out!

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